A day in the life

of a Local Government Professional

For those who are looking for variety….

There is no “typical” day in the life of a local government professional.

Local government professionals tackle the day-to-day issues that have an impact on virtually everyone in the community or rural area where you live.

You make it happen.

You take care of a long list of essential services, things we all rely on for a happy, safe and productive lifestyle, from overseeing the community’s law enforcement, fire, and emergency response operations to implementing a new recycling program to ensuring that the tap water you drink and shower with when you wake up every morning is safe and plentiful.

You may have thought that these activities were overseen directly by the Mayor or Council official that you voted for in the last local election.

While the elected officials have a key leadership role to play, in municipalities, it is their professional staff that ensure all the day-to-day functions are running smoothly.

No day is the same.

There are days that are fast-paced and challenging. There are days that demand diplomacy and creative thinking. There are days that require careful analysis and planning.

Because “life happens” 24/7 every day, there are times that local government professionals work long hours, but they will tell you, it’s well worth it. There is rarely a dull moment!

Local government professionals enjoy their work because of the variety of activities in which they are involved.

Interact with the community. Interact with leaders!

Communication with staff, elected officials, community groups, and residents is an important aspect of the daily work. Local government staff attend regular council and committee meetings.

Local government professionals also meet regularly with community leaders, business leaders, and groups of citizens to listen to their concerns, provide information, and facilitate action as needed.

While local government staff must be prepared to discuss the items on the agenda, they must also be nimble to respond to new issues and able to think on their feet in a dynamic situation.

A dynamic workplace to learn and grow.

Local government professionals enjoy a diversity of work settings, whether its “city hall”, the county office, or a recreation or municipal works building. Visits to other facilities and work locations can take you out of the office and into the community. To keep pace with change, there are ample opportunities to attend training sessions and conferences, so you continue to learn and grow throughout your career.

Regardless of what each day brings, working in local government is always challenging, as well as satisfying both personally and professionally.

It’s your chance to make a difference in and have an impact on peoples’ lives.

If this sounds like a fit for you, take a closer look at all the opportunities a career in local government can offer you.