I want to make life happen

Build a better community. Build a longer career.

It might start with a summer job or an entry level position. Your education and experience could jumpstart your career and propel you quickly into a more senior role sooner than you might expect.

Wherever you begin, there are plenty of places to go. The beauty of a local government career is the diversity of opportunities and the ability to learn and grow each step of the way.

You will be in a supportive environment, eager to build on your strengths and help you find the path that best suits your interests and skill sets.


From Summer Job To CAO.

Chris MacPherson

For Chris, it all started by chance, when he got hired as a student by the Recreation department in City of Fredericton. Installing playground equipment, building tennis courts, working with sports groups and volunteers – sound like a fun way to spend summer days and get paid?

At the time, he wasn’t thinking of it as a future career. He’d worked on a farm since he was 13 years old and didn’t really have a clue what local government was. But he played hockey and was interested in sports so he thought this was a pretty neat place to work.

When he moved into a position at city hall, there was a brief adjustment period adapting from the outdoor environment to the office environment.

“I so enjoyed what I did and couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I started thinking about opportunities and moving up.”

Fast forward from teenager to four decades later, and you’ll see a dynamic career path that led right to the top as CAO of New Brunswick’s capital, Chris values the team he works with every day and makes every effort to build their capabilities over the long term.

“We are always looking for the best people we can find, invest in them, giving them experiences to help them grow and develop. I like to move them around to build their skill set. With more people getting ready to retire, there are more opportunities emerging.”

With a lifetime invested in a career path that started by chance, there are so many things Chris enjoys making life happen every day.

“I love getting to work with the people I work with. They are like family. I drive around and see the vibrancy of the city, how its growing and the many exciting events we host. It’s a good feeling, helping to make this a place where people want to live.”