We’re here to help you!

We are a partnership of non-profit Municipal Administration Associations across Canada, who are committed to helping the next generation of leaders take their first steps towards a satisfying, meaningful and often lifelong career.

Visit our provincial and national websites where you can see a partial list of the latest job postings that reflect the variety of positions that are available now with many more to come in the future.

We encourage you to read through them and consider which ones would interest you most.



  1. Research about the municipality, the department you are interested in, and the current issues facing the community.  Read their website, search their social media, and find out what their elected councils have been discussing.
  2. Go to a council meeting and see what goes on. Every month there are meetings open to the public. It’s a great way to see the kinds of issues that make local government so dynamic.
  3. Visit a town hall or city hall. Imagine walking in those doors every day and how it would feel if it were your place of work.
  4. Look for a summer job in your municipality.  Always a resume builder, it can be a great first step into a lifelong career. Many municipalities hold job fairs to fill those positions.
  5. Find a mentor in your field of interest.  It is a great way to research the job and network! If you don’t know anyone in the local government field, call and ask if you can speak with someone about your area of interest.
  6. Focus on your interests and what you love to do.  Do you enjoy financial planning and analyzing data? Problem solving and connecting with people?  Being outside much of the work day? A job doesn’t feel like a job, when you enjoy doing what you do. It may not be the first position you get, but make it your ultimate goal.
  7. Pull up a map and think about where you want to be.Big city or rural township?  Are you seeking a new adventure in a new, perhaps remote area?  Are you committed to staying close to family and friends?
  8. Have your resume updated and ready, along with a current LinkedIn profile. There are plenty of templates and tips online to make sure your resume isn’t overlooked. A short, powerful cover letter capturing your key strengths and matching them to the job requirements can boost your chances.
  9. Research the positions you are interested in. Review all the qualifications they are looking for, reflecting on what you can already check off and where you need to build experience. Don’t be afraid to apply if you don’t have 100% of the requirements – many applicants don’t but will still be put on the consideration list. When you get the interview, prepare thoughtful questions that show you have a real interest in the job, not just the benefits.
  10. Looking directly at specific municipal jobs websites and contacting HR departments for areas in which you wish to live is a great way to see what is available.

See theapply todaysection of this website for a partial listing of careers available now in local government.