Why Local Government?

Municipal means faster, more dynamic, more immediate impact.

See how the work you do each day has an immediate impact on the community around you.

No matter where you start, there are plenty of places to go!

In smaller communities, you have the opportunity to touch a wide variety different things in a senior management position.

In larger communities, you will be working with a dynamic team of bright, motivated colleagues from various backgrounds.

With a large group of senior leaders nearing retirement, there will be increased opportunities for you to be part of the next generation of leaders, with a variety opportunities that will use your current skill set and build your expertise allowing you to move through the ranks more quickly.

“If you are attracted to challenges, want something new, something to keep you on your toes and keep learning, you will love a local government career. I would never say the job was boring. I get to meet a lot of people, manage the street department and the water department, meet with engineers, speak with lawyers, buy a fire truck… I love what I do. When I go home and I’m satisfied with what I’ve done, it’s a great feeling.”

– Nicole Lebrun, CAO, Atholville, NB

“As someone who built my career moving around and working in smaller communities, I learned about so many different things like managing multiple projects, budget planning, dealing with infrastructure and new zone development. If you wrote it all down there might be 100 different things that I touched in a week, ten that are top priority. Every day, I see how building the welfare of the community has real and positive impact on the people who live here.”

– Doug Fleming, CAO, District of Chetwynd BC

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